Yogurt Pops

Yogurt pops for tots. A fun way to get the goodness of dairy without the added sugar rush for your little ones. Crunchy Yogurt and Raspberry Popsicles with a pink chocolate drizzle. They’re so easy to make and you can just keep a batch ready for all those post meal treats! ⭐️.

Serves: 6


400 g Greek yogurt
1/2 cup raspberry , roughly chopped
4 tbsp rice crispies
2 tbsp pistachios, roughly chopped
4 tbsp confectioner’s sugar


Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Stir using a wooden spoon until the raspberries, pistachios, rice crispies, and sugar have been incorporated into the yogurt. Once mixed, pour in the yogurt into individual cups and place a lollipop stick in each cup. Freeze the yogurt Popsicles until set.



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